The following is the letter we are sending to the givers at Vision along with their year end giving records. God has been good to us!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear People of Vision and Friends,

Another year has come and gone. Vision is nearly 6 years old now. God has done great and wonderful things through His church over these years. We have seen souls saved, baptized, preachers ordained, missionaries commissioned, and all grown in the knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I want to personally thank you for your giving. I know that these are not the best of times, economically, for many but that you have been faithful to give. I hope as you look over your giving record for this past year that you will see the grace and faithfulness of the Lord in your lives. Praise Him for how He has worked in your life.

Now we begin a new year. I want God to continue to use me and to do even more. As you look over your giving pray and ask God what He would have you to do this year 2012. There is much to do. God has given us great grace and has given us favor with His people. We are really on the launching pad for what God is going to do with us! We haven’t seen anything yet!

The church will soon be six years old. We have been used greatly overseas. I am praying that God will allow us to do more in our community this year than we have ever done before. I want to reach out to our neighbors and friends with the gospel. I want our church to impact our community with the gospel. I am glad that you are on board and ready to see what God will do.

Maybe this is the year that He will give us land. Maybe this is the year that we will see more saved than ever. I am praying that God allows us to reach those farthest from Him with His message this year.

Your faithful giving makes all of this possible. Without you and what you do all the past would not have been possible but even more so the dream and vision for the future would never take place.

This year we will do all in our power to fulfill the King’s Command!

Grateful to God for all that He has done through you,

Austin Gardner