by Dr. Hayward Armstrong, source

1. Ask the missionaries to describe their ministry to you (it helps them to clarify their thinking and renew their passion and it helps you to understand them and their work).

2. Ask them to name a few specific things or people that you can pray with them about (while you are there and after you come home).

3. Follow their leadership (they probably know more about the project than you).

4. Follow their leadership (they know the culture better than you).

5. Follow their leadership (they know the people and their needs better than you).

6. Graciously allow them to change your plans in midstream.

7. Let them infect you with a love for their adopted people.

8. Don’t show disgust for people, places, circumstances, food, etc. (be honest but don’t dwell on the negative).

9. Don’t give them advice about how to do their ministry (they know more about it than you do).

10. Tell them that while you are there you will do anything they need to support them or their ministry (and mean it).