Vision Baptist Church is in the process of planting a new church inside Fulton County. We do not know where to start and are asking the Lord for guidance. I thought that you might like to know of the progress that is being made so here comes a small update.

I spent several hours driving around with Robert Canfield and Mark Coffey yesterday afternoon. We are looking for where to start. We were south of Roswell. We drove around Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and even inside 285 and Atlanta.

We need God to make Himself clear about where He would have us go. We are asking Him to raise up families in the area that He will have be part of this new church. If God will give us some families we will start a midweek Bible study immediately.

We are currently looking at starting services in September. Micah Rastelli and his wife Kathryn will be helping lead this church. Please pray that God will provide them with enough support to be full time.

If you are a pastor that is interested in starting churches in Fulton County please get in touch with Micah or myself. You can call Micah at 770-508-5653. He will be busy trying to get into churches to raise support between now and September as well as all we need to do to get the church started.

We have started a web site that is under construction for the new church. You can see it by clicking here!

This church plant will be a test of a system to start churches with as little resources as possible. It is our goal to start lots of churches so that means we have to do it with what we have.

If you are interested and might have a Bible study in your house please contact me. If you know of anyone living around 400 and 285 that might be interested in a good Bible preaching church please tell them about us and contact me.

We are also in need of lots of things to start the church.

We will need things for the nursery, a pulpit, chairs, sound system, support for Micah, and a thousand other things you can think of. We need gospel tracts. We need John and Romans. We need signs.

If you are interested in helping please let me know.

I will also be adding more info on my prayer letter that is sent out only via email. If you would be interested in receiving my email please click here.