Today I had the great opportunity to see my child for the first time. My wife, Stephanie, is 8 weeks pregnant and we had our second doctors appointment today. It was absolutely incredible. I can not say we were as Rachel in Genesis 30 or like many of our close friends who had a very hard time having children. However, we both had a great desire and ask God for the opportunity to have a child.

It seemed to be real today. We have known for 4 weeks or so that Steph. has been expecting. It wasn’t deal today that I really started to believe it. We had a miscarriage very, very early on in a pregnancy in December last year. So, we both had our concerns.

Tonight as I thank God for the great privilege of seeing this sign of life. I am also asking Him to see some signs of life from my students. I can name 20 or so people who have impacted the world for the cause of Christ. They were missionaries, businessmen, Pastors, wives of ministers, and powerful Bible teaching laymen. On good days I see my students as these people. When my pastor cast a vision for a new ministry I think of one of my students and how one day they could be in that ministry.

I see great potential in my students. Now I want to see “signs of life”. I want to hear their heart beat when they hear us talk about missions. I want to see them grow to reach their potential. I want to see them grow up, be able to feed themselves spiritually, and be able to reproduce other disciples. We all want affirmation that the people are healthy and growing. I am confident in the life of teenagers if we do not see spiritual signs of life in them there will be signs of spiritual death that we can not see.

Here are some of the things I am going to work on to see “signs of life” in my students:

1. Open Eyes: One Sunday afternoon a month I am going to get as many of my teenagers who are willing to spend the afternoon with us and teach them the Bible. I am going to teach things such as: How to use a concordance, Old Testament Survey, Books of the Bible, Personal Evangelism, and all the things that I learned as a freshmen in college and thought I wish I could have known this sooner.

2. I am going to set up a make shift altar in the room we have our Thursday night service. This will give them a pattern of how to respond to Bible teaching. They know what to do in church, but it isn’t clear in our teen service.

3. Get ready for services in advance and be ready to “hang out” with them when they get to church. I normally am running around doing something I could have done before they got there. I want to get in my Sunday school room and youth room 15 minutes before our services to hear what they are up to.

4. Give them a chance to talk. I talk, preach, and teach 90% of the time we are together. Which is great, in some ways. I know more about what struggles they will face in school because I own a Bible then if I went to their school and ignored the Bible as many of them do. However, I need to set up times when I meet with the guys and Steph. can meet with a girl and they can tell me what they are thinking, feeling, and praying for.