Today’s reading I Kings 6-7

I Kings 7:14 He was a widow’s son of the tribe of Naphtali, and his father was a man of Tyre, a worker in brass: and he was filled with wisdom, and understanding, and cunning to work all works in brass. And he came to king Solomon, and wrought all his work.

In our church we call those that do not go to the mission field Senders. That includes me, the church staff, and all of us that stay at home instead of going over seas as missionaries.

Here in this passage we see that God had a place for this man to do a very important work for Him. This man was not called to preach. He was not sent as a missionary. He was a craftsman. He was filled with wisdom and understanding. He was a skilled man.

He gave all of his talents and abilities to the work. He fulfilled what God had for him to do. He is the man God used to build the house of God.

What talents has God given you? Where did He put you? How did He gift you?

Very likely you never consider that God made you the way you are and gave you the talents and abilities that He gave you because He has something that He wants you to accomplish with all that He put in you. Why not seek Him and ask how He might use you for His honor and glory?

As much as a pastor was gifted to do what he does you are gifted for special service also. What are you doing with what the Lord gave you?