We left the Shumaker home at about 7:30 am and traveled to Roungou. We visited and looked at the town. We visited with several pastors for a couple of hours in Pissila. They were mostly of the Assemblies of God.

We learned much about their work around the country. They have a lot of churches. Their men are required to study for 3 years in a Bible school about 6 hours a day for 5 days a week.

The largest church in the area has about 300 in attendance. Another pastor averaged about 40. Another claims to heal between 40 and 50 people per week.

It was obvious that they did not want to be taught anything. They did tell us that most wanted material in Moore and that little was available.

From there we went to Roungou where Chris Fies preached to the children through French by Keith Shumaker and then to Salif who put it in Moore. It was a good afternoon.

Then we visited in one of the traditional homes of a family where the man had 3 wives. They all lived in one compound. Each wife had her own hut and the husband had a large room in the center of the compound.

The husband told one of his wives to show us her house. it was circular about 12 feet in diameter. The children once they mature live in other huts in the compound. The man had about 30 children living with him. 20 were his and the others were relatives that he cared for. His married sons each had a hut and another hut for their wives.

Their is no radio or television in the area of any Christian nature. They feel there is a great need for good programming.

We went to bed in the church building at 7:30. There is no light and nothing to do. At 11:58 several of us woke up wondering what time it was. It seemed we had been in bed for a long time and yet it wasn’t midnight.

This morning 12 hours later we got up, loaded up and are headed out to see more of what we might do. Brother Keith is talking to Konate about what must be done to get the gospel to more people.

In another article I want to talk about how we can start churches without using American money and another on how to make a short term trip.

On the way home with met with the pastor of the largest church in the area. He told us that after the 3 years of Bible college each prospective pastor had to serve 6 more years before ordination. Their salaries and church work come from their people and not outside sources.

The need here is great and I pray that God will raise up workers for all over Africa!