The East Coast is littered with major cities that bear an unusually small amount of churches, when considering the populations of some of these places. In fact these cities that are home to thousands of people can have far fewer churches than some regions that have drastically fewer people. The reasons behind such a dilemma are varied and important, however, I will not get into to any of them here. I merely would like to discuss one city with a multiplicity of people but not a sufficient number of churches for those people. That city is Providence, Rhode Island.

Providence, the main city, is home to nearly 180,000 people*. The metro has over 1.5 million people**. With a population of 180,000 people, the city has about 17 Baptist churches***. Leaving one church for nearly 10,000 people! Something needs to happen in this city. This city needs more churches, it needs men that will be ready and willing to go and win the city. Nearly half of the population of Providence is Hispanic, in fact about 30%* of the population of Providence is born outside of the U.S.  and nearly half of the Hispanic population speaks Spanish as a first language*. It would be quite beneficial to send someone there who is able to speak Spanish. Providence is relatively safe when compared to the rest of the United States*. It is also fairly inexpensive when compared with the rest of the state*. Almost half of the people of Providence would hold to no religion and the other half is pretty much Catholic*, which makes sense considering that nearly half of the population is hispanic and most of them were born outside of the U.S. The church planter that has his sights on Providence is primed for an uphill battle. Please consider those who are waging war in this city in your prayers, and consider joining them to aid with the fight and see Providence won to Jesus.

It is evident that the world -the entire world- is in need of the Gospel, and because of this we may tend to lose sight of those who labor somewhat closer to home. I would like to encourage you to pray, find some churches that are in that city, get in contact with them and pray for them. Maybe you can take a trip there to see what it is like. Pray that God will send laborers to this city and keep in mind that the state of the world is a lot darker than we might initially assume. We often hear stories of great things happening for God, and we think that we would like to see something like that happen, but we think that there is no way God can use us, but let me remind you that God has used men that seemed more useless than we seem. Great things were able to happen, not because of who they are but because of who God is. So let God use you and remember that it isn’t about you, it is about Him.