Pastor Wayne Cofield sent me this update from the Dunlop family. Ed Dunlop is a wonderful children’s evangelist that has been greatly used.

As my family is hurting right now I understand what is going on with the Dunlop family. Please pray for them.

There were some tears today as our entire family gathered together at our house. Phillip is home from Ambassador Baptist College in North Carolina; Steve and Jennifer came up from Atlanta; and of course, Brian, Rebecca and Tori were here. It was a good time together, and yet, a heartbreaking time as we each realized that this may be our last time with Janice.

The last two days have been so hard. Forgive me if it sounds as if I am complaining, but it so hard to watch Janice struggle. We thank the Lord that she has minimal pain, but breathing is such an effort.

Perhaps the hardest part is the lack of communication. Sometimes Jan can articulate quite clearly, but other times her words are slurred and we can’t understand her. Quite often it is hard to tell if she is awake or sleeping, for her head is down much of the time.

I feel as if my very heart is being ripped in two, and it is so painful. I love this girl, and it is agony to watch her suffer, and yet it is unthinkable to think of saying good-bye.

Thank you for praying. Please do continue. This slow, painful parting seems more than we can bear.