Today’s reading Joshua 22-24

Joshua 24:12 And I sent the hornet before you, which drave them out from before you, even the two kings of the Amorites; but not with thy sword, nor with thy bow.

God is reminding His people that He really won the battle. God fought for them. It was not their weapons that won but Him and what He did. God had sent the hornet in and driven out their enemies.

Many times we think that we are accomplishing things because we do not take time to think. We believe it is because we are smart, we are strong, we know what we are doing when in effect it is the Lord working in our hearts.

Did you make all that money? Did you get that good job? Did you find that perfect mate? Did you just happen to be the one that had healthy children born? Did you? Or did He?

That is a question that all of us should think about and meditate on. We are quick to blame God when things go wrong but slow to praise Him when things work out the way that we want.

God is good. He has been working in your life behind the scenes far more than you think. It is time to honor Him with your words, your works, your winnings, your wonder, your worship, and every other thing you can think of!