We were off to the church at 8:15 am to teach from 8:30 to 1 pm. Pastor Derik Lawrence taught a wonderful lesson on leadership from the life of David. It was so good that I asked him to come and teach on a Thursday and Friday to the training center and our missionaries.

Chris Fies taught on Be.Do.Serve.Train and did a very good job.

I taught the other lesson but Missionary Keith Shumaker translated every word. He is exhausted. He has been translating hours every day. He is doing such a good job.

There were a good number of pastors from around the country, two American missionaries, and a national missionary to Mali in the sessions.

Then we ate lunch with the pastors. Dr Derik told me that the hot power that we were to put on our food wasn’t very hot and so I liberally salted my food and then could barely get it down. So they all had a very good laugh!

I preached last night on the Inferior Missionary! From a message I preached years ago in Peru.

These are great days. I learned from Pastor Konate much about life in Burkina Faso without Christ. A man rarely loves his wife or wives since he can have many. They serve him basically. Pastor Konate watched his dad mistreat his sister. He said he never really felt like his dad loved him!

Jesus has changed all of that in his life and world. The example of Keith and Rebecca Shumaker is making a major difference.

This is a wonderful ministry and I am just blessed to be here!