Arequipa, March 1st 2010

Vision Baptist Church

It is a privilege to be able to address you, to thank you for your prayers, knowing about your love towards the work for God.

Last month God blessed us with a lot of visitors in both churches Smyrna and Hunter. At Smyrna we had a special day on Sunday Feb. 14th in the morning for we had the Wedding Vows Renovation. We had 199 people, including 23 guests. At Hunter that same day we had 190 people attending at night. There were almost 40 couples in whole, the ones who renewed their Wedding Vows between Smyrna and Hunter Churches.

At Hunter we had the Summer Biblical School every Sunday, having close to 100 kids each week, we also had lots of visitors and many decisions towards salvation. I thank Pastor Miguel Mego for all his work, together with the teachers of the Sunday school.

Form the 8th to the 12th of February we had a youth camp at Ite, closet o the port of Ilo, 80 people attended, between Hunter and Smyrna Churches. There went two of our youngster’s Pastors: Alfredo Pari (Hunter) and Alan Chujutalli (Smyrna). They did a great job!

At mid February one of our College students (Richard Quecara) from Hunter came back from the capital Lima, who was helping a church in Surquillo. Lima. He needs to go throw many medical examinations. We ask for your prayers for his health.

On February 15th, a group of six people between students and former students of our college, including Alfredo Pari, Elio Hilares and Shirley Chavez, from Hunter Church .left to La Paz – Bolivia. They were a blessing those two weeks there, because Alfredo preached in many churches and Shirley helped teaching children, many of them accepted Jesus as their Savior.

On Friday, February 19th and Saturday 20th we had a retreat in Camana beach for the youngsters at Smyrna, where 27 of us attended. I was able to share with them some topics regarding team work and the difference between the children of the light and the children of the darkness besides, having a great time together.

On Sunday 28th we had our first service in the new church Berea, where a total of 22 attended . The services there will be at 3:00 pm, and in between the week on Tuesdays, at 7:00 pm.

We ask for your prayers for our plans for March:
– Official start of classes at our Christian School, March 1st.
– Classes for Pastor son March 2nd and 3rd, at our College
– Start of classes at the institute and College, on Monday March 15th and Tuesday 16th respectively.
– At Hunter we will talk about a” Contagious Church: The Thrill of sharing The Gospel”.
– At Smyrna we will talk about “Family over the Rock: Can I have a good family?”
– Our trip to Ayacucho, to preach at Baptist Church Libertad, from March 9th to March 11th.

I would also like to ask for your prayers for the mother of our co-pastor of Hunter, Brother Luis Navarro. She was detected Cancer at the cervical vertebrates and has started her treatment of radio-therapy. Please help us with a prayer for his family as well.

I thank God for the loyalty of each one of you. May God bless you and keep you well.

Miguel Murillo