Arequipa, February 1st, 2010

Vision Baptist Church

Dear brothers, it is always a blessing to address you knowing about our love and service to the Lord.

We started and fulfilled last month with classes for pastors where we shared information about Church-growth and Homiletics. These classes lasted 4 days, making a total of 16 hours. We gathered pastors from different places, approximately 25 per day.

The Second week of January we had the V Ladies’ Congress, event which happened in the Baptist College Macedonia, and which in its best day, it had an attendance of 270 people. We gathered sisters from different cities of our country. It was taught by pastors’ and missionaries’ wives, one more demonstration of what we, as a team, can do together.


Moreover, we had a special day on Sunday 17th, a dedication from children in Smyrna and Hunter Churches, 55 in total. We covered the topic of “how to improve as parents, and how to improve our relationships with our children

This February we will emphasize the topic of spiritual growth at Smyrna. A quite big group of people will attend the Conference of Evangelistic Fire which will take part in Efata – Lima on February 2nd and 3rd.

At Hunter Baptist Church we will talk about “Your Faith and Your Money”, and each Sunday we will have our SBS (Summer Biblical School), where we hope to have a great group of children and parents. On Monday 22nd we will start classes at the Christian School. A lot of students continue subscribing and we have our list of teachers who are brothers and sisters dedicated to this ministry.


Both churches participate in the Youth Camp which will occur between all the Macedonia Pastoral Churches Team, it will be done from February 8th to the 12th in Ite – Ilo. Beside, both churches will have the Vows Renovation for married couples, on Sunday February 14th, a quite moving event.

A group of churches will have a retrieving gathering at Ilave – Puno, on the second week of the month, and we have coordinated the participation of Pastor Pablo Villegas, together with two youngsters of his church, for him to teach and preach there. Another group of young brothers and sisters will have a campaign at La Paz – Bolivia, and seven brothers, (between students and former students of our College), will be supporting this event from February 15th to the 28th. The Pastor of the group of youngsters from Hunter Church, Pastor Alfredo Pari, will direct the team work.


I ask your prayers for:

– Sister Victoria de Navarro, mother of the co-pastor of Hunter Church. She has been detected cancer at the cervical vertebrates, and she will start chemotherapy right after surgery.
– The incomes from the Christian School , so as to cover all the expenses.
– The events which will be happening at Smyrna and Hunter
– The starting of classes at Macedonia Baptist College, Tuesday, March 16th.


Miguel Murillo