On this day in 1817, Heinrich August Jaeschke, a Moravian Missionary,  was born in Germany.  Jaeschke was a missionary to Tibet that became famous for his work in translating. All of his life, Jaeschke was known for his superior linguistic abilities. As a young man, he mastered Latin, Greek, Polish, and Swedish. He later learned Arabic, Sanskrit, and Persian as well.

After teaching at Herrnhut, he went as a missionary to Tibet in 1857 and settled at Kyelang. Before doing much technical translation work, he spent time among the Tibetan people learning both spoken and literary Tibetan. Jaeschke became so skilled at the language that he published papers on the phonetics and grammar of the Tibetan language.

By the end of his life, poor health had taken him back to Germany. However, his work in the Tibetan language was not in vain. He was able to be a significant part of the translating of the Bible into the Tibetan language. Along with other translators, Jaeschke had his hand in getting the Bible to the Tibetan people in their own language. Because of this, the gospel has been able to be spread in Tibet.

What a great picture of a man who used his gifts to spread the fame of our God and make Him more intimately known to His people.  How can we use our gifts to further the gospel? Are we willing to live our lives in such a way that we are surrendered to God and free to have God use us for His glory with the ways He created us? Let’s learn from Jaeschke’s example and use our gifts not for wealth or fame, but for the glory of our God who gave them to us.

*Post submitted by Edward de los Reyes

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