On this day in 1931, the World Radio Missionary Fellowship was incorporated in Lima, Ohio, by Clarence W. Jones and Reuben Larson.  This non-profit corporation would serve as the overseeing organization for HCJB, the first Christian radio station in the entire world.

Several years earlier, a young man named Clarence Jones was working at the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle with Paul Rader.  It was during his time here that the young Jones saw first-hand the powerful impact that Rader’s weekly radio broadcast.  As he oversaw the prodcast, an idea began to form in his young mind.  Slowly at first, he began to envision a radio station committed  proclaiming the gospel.  Then he began to see that station reaching thousands and millions.  Then he saw that station centered in Latin AMerica, where million lived who never heard.

Jones soon headed down to Latin America, where he questioned the veteran missionaries on the field with questions about the best place for the station.  Dozens of ideas were given, but one place seemed to come up continually: Ecudar.  When he met Reuben Lawson, a missionary in Ecadur, the two began to make plans to build the “Voice of the Andes”.

In 193o, the team was granted a 25-year prodcating license by the government of Ecuador.  The country’s required pre-fix for all radio stations was HC.  Jones took this and gave his station the name HCJB, which stood for Hoy Cristo Jesús Bendice (or Heralding Christ Jesus’ Blessings).  On Christmas day, this tiny radio station in Quito, Ecador aired its first prodcast from the living room of the Jones’ home.  It lasted half and hour.  Then it was done.

It took several years for the radio station to get established.  But soon, their prodcast were going out all over the world in several languages.  The station built hospitals through the area.  Thousands were saved and tens of thousands of seeds were planted.  From the small idea of a young man came a mighty work that only God could do.



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