Vladimir Caro

I accepted Christ as my personal Savior while serving time in prison in Santiago, Chile.  It was in a moment of absolute darkness in my life.  I was blinded by sin, evil, and drugs.  Jesus saved from a life destroyed by drugs and crime.  At the age of 6 my father abandoned our family.  My mother was left in poverty with 9 children.  From a young age I had to learn how to survive and make a living.

 After being released from prison, being a new man with a different vision, I knew I needed a doctrinally sound church.  God led me to Faith Baptist Church where Jason Holt was pastor.  There God began to work in my heart and called me to the ministry.  I had the privilege to be one of the first graduates of the Chile Baptist College.

Currently I am serving as pastor of Life Baptist Chile together my wife Paola and my children Maicol, Abigail, and Mical.  My son Maicol is currently preparing for the ministry in the Chile Baptist College.

I want to sincerely thank you for the the gift you gave me of Logos Bible Software.  I thank God that He put in your heart the desire to help me study His Word so the work of the Lord can continue advancing in Chile.  This resource will be of great blessing to me.  As I am able to prepare better sermons with this tool, your gift will also be of great blessing to the church that I pastor.