Lets talk Money:

This past month we had our II annual conference on Finances. As our special speaker for the conference we invited Bro. Jose Zapata from Peru to be with us. He has been in management positions in several different companies including two banks. He has a tremendous knowledge of finances and has been teaching on the subject for many years. Our conference was from Friday to Sunday with a special business breakfast on Saturday morning. We were able to invite many people from businesses, schools, and friends and family to participate. Each service was a tremendous blessing with tons of visitors and decisions. Friday night we had around 70 people for the first service and then close to 80 in the breakfast Saturday morning. Saturday night we thought the attendance would be down because of it being the weekend but we ended up with the highest attendance with more than 80 present. It was truly a special service with 5 people receiving the Lord and many people making decisions to get out of debt. Sunday was the last day of our Financial Conference and the Lord gave us two great services. In the morning we had Sunday School, and then the morning service, and the Lord blessed us with many visitors and 99 in attendance with 5 professions of faith. In the night service, we had a great group with many of the same visitors returning and one lady that was dealt with and trusted the Lord. It was amazing because we had almost as many (94) at night as we did in the morning. Many made comments about how much they enjoyed the conference and how much it helped them with their finances and spiritual lives. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to get to know our speaker Jose Zapata and see how God is using him. We had more than 60 visitors over the three days of the conference and have been doing much follow up since then. We praise the Lord that many of those who visited are still coming to the services.

Whirlwind Tour:

Since we have been here in Bolivia we have wanted to visit many of the cities in the mountainous area of the country. This past month, we took what was truly a whirlwind tour of this area with a group of people from the church. We left one morning at 6:00am and traveled to the city of Oruro. That afternoon we left and took a 8-hour train ride to the city of Uyuni and the next day we visited to salt flats, which are the largest in the world. That night, we left in a small bus for a 7 hour trip via dirt road to the city of Potosi. This city was at one time the largest and most wealthy city in all of South America. From the time of the Spanish Conquest to recent years they have been mining silver and gold. They say that there was enough silver taken out of the mountains by the Spanish to make a bridge both ways from South America to Spain. After a day in this, one of the highest cities in Bolivia, we left for the political capital city of Sucre. It is a colonial city with the largest fossil remains of dinosaur footprints in the world. From there that night we left to return by bus all night to the first city that we visited and then from there to our city. Besides the amazing sites that we saw, the greatest impact was to see so many cities and towns that need a solid gospel preaching church.

Saying Goodbye:

For the past three and a half years we have had the privilege to work with a couple from Peru Jorge and Jenny Montenegro. They have been a great blessing to us and the church and a vital part of our ministry. We spoke with them a while back and they told us that they had been praying and felt like it was the Lord’s will for them to return to Peru and work in the ministry there. They will be greatly missed and we wish the best for them, but the ministry here must go on. We are working hard to prepare many of the leaders in the church to take more of the responsibilities especially those that will be left be Jorge and Jenny. Also this coming month, we have a young man that will be coming to help us during this time named Chrisitan Ching. He is Peruvian but his grandfather came from China to Peru to live and married a Peruvian. We know that he is going to be a great help here also and blessing to the people and church.

Prayer Requests:

Praise the Lord our last step of paper work is done and we are permanent residents.
Pray for our Christmas banquette and program this month.
Pray the Lord will prepare leaders for this upcoming year.
Pray for Christian Ching that will be arriving this month the help in the church.