On this day in 1813, Henry Nott dedicated his first chapel in Tahiti.

For many years Nott had given special attention in befriending and witnessing to King Pomare II.  But Pomare, a man who had killed thousands in his life and had offered hundreds of human sacrifices to his false gods, could not believe that Christ could forgive him.  This conversion the men had, which was recorded by Nott, was just one of many:

“For the sake of your immortal soul and of your influence upon your subjects, I urge you, for the thousandth time, to turn to Christ. Do not longer reject His glorious salvation. Every human soul is of infinite value to Him.”

“Doubtless you are right,but for one who has sinned so disgracefully and wallowed in the depths of heathen depravities, there is no hope.”

“There is hope”. And to prove his point he quoted, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

After several years of praying for the king and witnessing to him, Pomare finally accepted Christ.  The king, excited that the rest of his island hears about Christ, provided Nott with the land, permission, and resources he needed to build the chapel.  Soon, the chapel was built and on July 25th, the dedication was held.  During the ceremony of dedication, Nott announced that on the following day, a meeting would be held for those who were ready to renounce idolatry and to learn about the service of the true God. Thirty-one natives responded and, few days later, eleven others forsook their idols. The heathen began to refer to the new converts as the “praying people.” The number who renounced idolatry soon increased to about 800.

Of all the Christians, King Pomare took the boldest stand against the false gods in his kingdom.   He destroyed all of his idols and altars. The great idol, Oro, was first made a post for the king’s kitchen and was then cut up for firewood. Pomare took his own idols, twelve in number, to the missionaries and requested that they be sent to the headquarters of the London Missionary Society, so that all of England would know what God had rescued him from.  Thousands began to flock to hear of the message of Nott’s God.


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