(Pgs. 211-212)
January 26, 1862
On Sunday the 26th of January, thirty persons came to work at the mission house.  Thereafter, at great risk, we had worship at three of the nearest and most friendly villages.  Admidst all our perils and trails, we preached the Gospel to about one hundred and sixteen persons.  It was verily a sowing time of tears; but despite all that followed, who shall say that it was all in vain!  Twenty years have passed, and now when I am writing this, there is a church of God singing the praise of Jesus in that very district of Tanna.  On leaving the second village, a young lad affectionately took my hand to lead me to the next village; but a sulkly, sullen down savage, carrying a ponderous club, also insisted upon accompanying us.  I lead the way, guided by the lad.  Mr. Mathesion got the lad to go before him, while he himself followed, constantly watching.  Coming to a place where another path branched off from ours, I asked which path we took, and, on turning to the left as instructed by the lad, the Savage, getting close behind me, swung his huge club over his shoulder to strike me on the head.  Mr. Mathieson, springing forward, caught the club from behind with a great cry to me; and I, wheeling instantly, had to hold the club off also, and betwixt us wrestled it out of his hands.  The poor creature, craven at heart however blood thirsty, implored us not to kill him.  I raised the club threateningly, and caused him to march in front of us to the next village fence.  In terror lest these Villagers should kill him, he gladly received back his club, as well as the boy his bow and arrows, and they were lost in the bush in a moment.