On this day in 1821, Adoniram Judson made the following entry in his journal about the Sunday service:

 All the disciples but one and all the hopeful inquirers were present at worship, who together with some others made up an assembly of about twenty five adults, all paying respectful and devout attention.  ‘It was’ the most interesting assembly all things considered that I have yet seen. How impossible it seemed two years ago that such a precious assembly could ever be raised up out of the Egyptian darkness, the atheistic superstition of this heathen land. After worship two of the Nan dau gong people had some particular conversation with Moung Thah lah about baptism. Much encouraged by the general appearance of things this day. Why art thou ever cast down, O my soul and why art thou disquieted within me. Hope thou in God! The God of the Burmans as well as David’s God for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His countenance revealed in the salvation of thousands of these immortal souls


The Life of Adoniram Judson

On this day in 1890, Solomon Ginsburg, the polish-born Baptist missionary, set out from London to the country of Brazil.

Solomon was born into the home of a Jewish rabbi, who forced his son to follow strictly in his steps.  When his father tried to force him into an arranged marriage, he ran from home and wandered around Europe.  He finally arrived in London.  While he was a here, a friend invited him to listen to an explanation given of Isaiah 53 at a local church.   The truths he heard during this meeting started him on a journey throughout the scriptures to find the Christ.  It was easy for him to see that Jesus was the Messiah for the Jewish people, but he couldn’t understand how he needed a messiah.  But the Lord worked in his heart and he could finally say:

“I felt that I did trust Christ, Christ alone, for salvation and that my sins, even mine, were washed away. I knew that I was forgiven and accepted. I felt my load was lifted. I knew that my sins were washed away by the precious blood of Jesus.”

Solomon’s life completely changed!  The fire and zeal in his heart drove him to take the gospel to Jews throughout London.  His story almost sounds like an episode out of the life of the apostle Paul.  The Jews he preached to mocked him, beat him, and tried to kill him.  Once, a group of them lured him into a room and beat him unmercifully, throwing him off a second floor banister in hopes of breaking his neck.  But God protected him.

The great need for laborers in South America drove Solomon to give his life to  reaching those on this great land.  He went to Portugal to learn the language, making it a goal to learn 100 new words a day.  During his time he, he began to write his own tracts in Portuguese. Once he arrived in Brazil, he threw himself into the work.  His first Sunday, he stood on one of the busiest markets in his city and began to sing and preach.  A  crowd of 5,000 soon gathered around him.  As he preached  he spoke so boldly on the blood of Christ alone that the catholic people began to yell, “You talk only of Jesus; tell us something about the Virgin Mary.”  For the next thirty-five years, Solomon labored among the Brazilians, starting the first baptist church in the amazon valley.  His boldness for Christ earned him the name: the Firebrand of Brazil!


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