My Pastor, Austin Gardner, sent me this article this morning and I believe it is great. I especially like the part about “expository preaching”. It is often said at our church we should be “people of the book”. That is a core value of our church and hopefully every church. For the last month I have been preaching through the book of Galatians. It does not feel like what I am used to in youth ministry. However, it has been some of the most exciting lessons we have had so far. The Word of God knows what teenagers need more then I could ever. One lesson was on salvation and a young man accepted Christ. The next lesson was on the call to preach and a young man has begun talk about his desire to be in the ministry!


I know the following article is much longer then my average post. However, it is worth the time!


It’s Not a Game

Taking Youth Ministry Seriously

Allen Cagle

Associate Pastor, Junior High Ministry

Do you realize that, statistically speaking, the three most important decisions that are

made in one’s life are made before one turns 25?