Today’s reading Exodus 14-16

Exodus 14:14 The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

We so easily forget that we are not our own but His! We forget that the spiritual battles that surround us are about Him and what He is doing. We, somehow, begin to think that we are more powerful and able than we really are.

We want to fight. We speak up for ourselves. We think of our power and our ability. The command to hold their peace came with a promise. God was in this battle.

Pharaoh was coming down on them. They were trapped. They had no way to escape. It would take great faith to trust God to get them through this attack.

Be quiet and wait on God is so hard to do! It goes against everything in us! When we get scared we get loud. When we are attacked we swell up, throw out our chest, attempt to make ourselves look bigger than we are and roar like a lion.

We are living and fighting in our own power. God calls on them to trust Him.

We are to know that He will take care of us! He has a purpose bigger than us! He is at work in us!

God has big plans about what He is about to do to Pharaoh in this story. We think it is about taking care of us when it was about taking care of Pharaoh.

God help me to trust you!