Last year Pastor Eric Knight won the opportunity to take a missions trip to the country of Peru. I was able to talk with Pastor Knight about his time there. Take a look at what he had to say about the trip. 


What was it like being there?

It was a great experience, and it was incredible to see the ministry that Pastor Gardner established there in Peru. I was able to see and experience how another culture lives. I never felt unsafe while I was there. Nothing really took me off guard as I had previously spent some time in Thailand and it was, in many regards, similar to Thailand. Or you could say that the two were similar in many regards.


How were the accommodations?

I ate great food and visited some nice – or you could say interesting sites. I stayed with some of the church members and was very well taken care of. Transportation was also taken care of during my stay there.


What were some things you were able to do/see?

We visited some monasteries there in the city of Arequipa. We were able to see the people worshipping a false gospel. We saw people who were blinded to the truth of the gospel because of these false beliefs that they had grown up with. We looked over the city and saw the size of the city. We were able to see the lights all across the city, each light representing a soul that may never hear the gospel.


We here a lot about the need overseas, can you tell us what it is really like?

As I said, we looked over the city and saw thousands of people who are being deceived by false teaching. While I was there looking over the city I started to think about the city I am working in and how there are several workers who are involved in getting my city reached with the Gospel. However, in Arequipa, I saw an enormous need but very few laborers. All around the world there are massive cities with millions of people who are blinded by false teaching and yet there very few, if any, laborers in some of those cities.


What is one of your greatest takeaways?

My greatest takeaway: watching how they went about training leaders. Vision is doing a great job getting young people trained and being effective on the field. It is more than just getting to the field but it is also accomplishing something great while they are there. It is worth going to Vision to see what they are doing. I saw 2 Timothy 2:2 in a new light. We have a responsibility to train people who can train people. This is the model that you see with Jesus and His disciples and what you see with Paul and the men he trained. It was incredible to see a ministry that isn’t just focused on training, but on training men to train.


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