Today’s reading I Samuel 1-4

I Samuel 1:8 Then said Elkanah her husband to her, Hannah, why weepest thou? and why eatest thou not? and why is thy heart grieved? am not I better to thee than ten sons?

What a question to ask your wife! I would say that many women could think that their sons would be more loyal, more helpful, and better to them than their husband. Especially in the day that this verse was written. Women didn’t have any rights at all. Most were treated like property, bought and sold!

Yet Elkanah asks his wife if he doesn’t treat her better than ten sons would! That seems to say two things to me. He treated her very well and they both knew it.

The question that comes to mind to me is, how well do I treat my wife? Am I as kind and respectful as I should be? Do I consider her in all the decisions I make? Am I concerned for her well being more than ten sons would be?

Could I have the confidence to look my wife in the eyes and ask that question, Am I not better to you than ten sons?!

Maybe today would be the day to stop and consider our marriage and how we are treating our wife. It might be different than what we usually do. Maybe we are more concerned about how she treats us than the other way around but if so maybe today is the day to change that.

How well do you treat your wife?