Today’s reading II Samuel 1-3

II Samuel 1:23 Saul and Jonathan were lovely and pleasant in their lives, And in their death they were not divided: They were swifter than eagles, They were stronger than lions.

Saul has tried to kill David many times now. He has caused him to live on the run, in caves, always hiding. David has even acted crazy to escape from Saul. Saul was the sworn enemy of David.

None of us have an enemy any more open and declared than David had in Saul. Yet I see something in these verses that David does that is a great challenge to me. David only remembers the good about Saul.

He speaks highly of Jonathan but he did love Jonathan very much. Jonathan had been a real friend to him. It would have been logical for Jonathan to have gotten praise but not Saul.

Should we learn to only remember the good that men did? Should we learn to love men in spite of their failures and how they hurt us? This is something that God is teaching me today.

I live in the undeserved grace of God and I need to learn to share that same sort of grace and love with others.