Now let us consider some of the ways that we can pray knowing them to be the will of God that will have a definite effect on the ministry of our missionary or pastor. Here Paul asks (begs) that his people get involved and to strive, or work, or agonize with him in prayer. He tells them exactly what they should pray for.

1. First Paul asks that the folks pray for his protection, “that he might be delivered from unbelievers.” Now we know that our war is not against flesh and blood but against Satan and his forces. Paul is going forth into areas totally dominated by Satanic forces. He realizes that he will be under attack. He literally begs his folks to pray that he be delivered, protected, rescued from these ungodly forces. How much your missionary and your pastor need this same prayer. Every day we watch as other “men of God” fall into sin. Oftentimes we are quick to criticize but slow to pray. When a man goes forth to war he is taking a chance. He is risking his life against a roaring lion that hates God and all that he stands for. Satan will be after him. If the devil can stop the man of God then the work of God will not go forward. He will go to any lengths to get the man of God to fail. He will do so through persecution, discouragement, sex sin, pride, money problems, and a thousand other ways that we have seen Satan destroy the effectiveness of many preachers. Will you pray for your missionary by name asking God to protect him and deliver him from Satan and the unbelievers? Paul asks pray for this same need in 2Thessalonians 3:2. There the bible says and that we may be delivered from unreason able and wicked men for all men have not faith.