All gospel preachers hunger to see the world reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ! We want His name glorified. We hunger for all to know of His great goodness and grace. With that in mind, I have prepared a list to share with you. Here you will find a list of ideas that might help you promote what is so close to your heart and the heart of God.

1. Take a minute in each of your services to share a prayer letter from one of your missionaries. Have a slide ready with the picture of their family. Remind the people of who they are. Have the person sharing the update be prepared to speak without reading. They need to be very time conscious not to take away from the service by abusing the time. If you have three meetings a week, you will be able to share 13 prayer letters a month. Including someone to share this update will also get more people involved in the service.

2. Have a missionary of the week in the bulletin. Put a picture of this family of the week in your bulletin and on your web page. Maybe you could list the birthdays and anniversary of the family so the church can think of them. Ask the people to pray for them and contact them during the week. Give out an in-house prayer card each week to every Sunday School class to pray for this family. Let them sign the back of the card. Then you can scan the card and send it to the family letting them know you prayed for them.

3. Have someone in your church prepare a birthday and anniversary card for your missionary families. Each member of the family would get a special reminder mailed to them to know you thought of them on their special day.

4. Develop a church “World Evangelism Cabinet.” Get men in your church to be the church representative for different regions of the world. So you could have the North and Central American Director, European, South American, Asia, Australia and the islands or any number of ways of organizing this group. They could meet once a month to update the pastor on what is happening in their part of the world. We have one representative take three minutes in each of our evening services to update the church and call us to pray. Again this person needs to be very conscientious of the use of the time, just three minutes. They need to be ready to speak without reading. They need to motivate the church to world evangelism. There will be more on this ministry in another article.

5. You could have a Goer Sender coalition each month. Take one-midweek service per month. Make it an exciting time when the yokefellows (to be explained later) get to update the church on their missionary family. The pastor could preach a mission’s message. He could teach the people how to pray better and care for their missionary representatives. Some are goers, and all are senders. Everyone needs to be reminded of their responsibilities and privileges.

6. I certainly hope you have a full-blown mission’s conference. They can be so much fun and a blessing to your church. Make a plan for these special services even in your budget. Go all out! Do not let the lack of attendance make you cancel but instead use the lack of interest to motivate you to correct what has not been done well in the past. Leave off the use of guilt and manipulation to get an offering or raise money. Get in good preachers that have real missionary experience. Make it the most special time of the year. Leaders don’t follow. They don’t give in because of the lack of interest but rather learn to motivate and get the people involved. We will try to give you more ideas about how to do that in another article.

7. Have mission Sundays also. Getting the gospel to the world is our most important goal. We were commanded to do so. It is our commission. It is our purpose in life. So you can have unique Sundays that promote the need to get the gospel to the world.

8. Present a country of the week during your announcements. Remind the people of the great need and how many have never heard the truth.

9. Anytime you have missionaries in the service you should recognize them. It is shameful that we would call attention to the politician or visiting preacher before we would notice those that have given so much to do the ministry our church is called to do.

10. Develop a yokefellow’s ministry in your church where you get people to yoke up with a family on the field. They will keep their family in front of the church and make a difference in that family’s life. There will be more information to follow on this topic.