The following is taken from Charles Spurgeon’s Autobiography Volume 2

“ We must be careful as to the line of life we select, our pursuit must be in keeping with our constitutional tendencies. A man born to be a mechanic would never succeed as a poet; and the man with the poetical afflatus would not be successful as a financier.

Each man has powers that adapt him to certain work; and he ought to look out for that occupation which will be most congenial with his own disposition. I know that:, if I had been bred a collier or a ploughman, I would still have been a preacher, for I must speak.

I feel something like Elihu, when he said, ‘I will speak, that I may be refreshed,’ I do not regard preaching or speaking as a task or a labor; it is more like a cure for dulness. I feel that there is something I want to get rid of, so I unburden myself by telling it to others.

“When you have chosen your pursuit in life, stick to it. Having had a great many young men under training, I have met with some who are —

“‘Everything by turns, and nothing long.’

Some men in business are just the same; but I would rather be a cobbler, and stick to nay last, than change my calling often, and so be noted for nothing in particular.

If a tree is transplanted seven times, it will be a miraculous tree if :it brings forth fruit.

The man who is first this thing, and then that, is like a dog hunting six hares at one time, he is certain to catch none.

David was a man of great influence, and we must trace, all his spiritual power to the Spirit of God; but, with respect to what he accomplished, we may learn a lesson from his own words, ‘One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after.’

That concentration was the source of much of his power. Now, if your energies are allowed to run out in many channels, they will be dissipated, and we shall see no result in the stream of your life; but if you have only one channel for all your powers, it will be deep if not broad, and there may go the galley with many oars, and from it shall proudly flora: the banner of success.