God has blessed me in unreal ways. Today, I want to wish all of my Valentines a very special and Happy Valentines day!

This young lady has been my Valentine for 37 years now. On Valentines Day in 1973 she gave me a large poster heart covered with candy bars and other sweets. She wrote me a sweet note. Never known another woman like her. Betty, you are the greatest and I thank you for being my Valentine, friend, lover, coworker, and wife for all these years.

I loved you since I met you. I can’t imagine life without you. God through you has brought other little Valentines into my life that I love very much. Thank you for being their mother and the mother to young preachers and missionaries all over the world.


God blessed us with 4 more Valentines. Stephanie, our oldest daughter, Joy, our youngest daughter, Andria, who married our oldest son, and Katie, who married our youngest son. I do not have words to tell these young ladies how much I love them and how proud of them I am.

Stephanie is the mother of 6 soon to be 7. She has been a special gift from God. I didn’t know how I would love a second child or a girl but one look at Stephanie was all I needed to fall in love. Thank you for being the blessing you have been. Thank you for being a super caring, wonderful help to everyone that you are.

Joy is the mother of 2. She has lived up to her name ever since she was born. I kidded her mom the night before she was born that suffering endures for the night but Joy comes in the morning. I could never explain how much this little lady has brought me joy. She is one of the most capable people that I have ever met. Thanks for being my joy!

Then along came Andria, mother of 3. She married Chris. They met at a Valentines banquet. Andria has been a great wife, a great mother and a tremendous blessing to our family. Truthfully one of the happiest days I had in Peru was when I first heard Andria on the phone call me, dad. Might not seem big to you but it was to me.

Katie soon to be the mother of 1 married David. She is so full of life and fun and the perfect match for David. I scared her to death the first time I met her. David had asked me to talk to her and so I did. I asked her about her spiritual life, her devotional life, etc. She had never had anyone do something so blunt and bold. Katie has been a wonderful wife, a great friend, and a big blessing to all of us


Just thought I would let you see 3 generations of Betty. Amazing how God has God blessed me with all three. The littlest Valentine here is Lelia, named for her grandmother–that is Betty’s first name. We call her Ojos Lindos because of her beautiful eyes.


This is my little Hannah. She has to be one of the sweetest little ladies on the planet. She makes me about has happy as anyone ever has.

So to all of my dear girls I want to take this opportunity to tell you that I love you and that I am proud of all of you. I wish there was some way that I could tell you how much I love each of you. Have a wonderful day.


Betty, you are the sweetest thing that ever happened to me. You are a gift of the grace of God to me. I love you and want you to have your best day ever. I love you!