I wanted to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to the most important ladies in my life. They of course start with Betty. She has been my wife for nearly 37 years and the mother of 4 super, wonderful children.


This is a picture that they sent me from the church when I was gone on a trip one time. I was missing her very much.


This is the young lady that I married back in 1973. The lady beside her is another one of my favorite ladies in the world. That is Betty’s mom, Evelyn Ferguson. She has been a terrific mother in law and grandmother to my kids. All the mother in law jokes a side I promise you that I have one of the best mother in laws in the history of man kind.


This is my beautiful wife and our oldest daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie is now the mother of 6 children and is about to give birth to twins.


This is my beautiful wife before I even met her. She has been the greatest blessing from God that I have ever had.

Betty, I love you and I thank God for you. I hope you have a happy mother’s day.

Here is my mother, Carolyn Gardner. She taught me more about the Bible than I ever learned in Bible College. She gave me a desire to study, teach, and preach the Word of God.


Here below I want to introduce you to all the special moms in my life. Here is Andria Gardner and her three children, Jacob, Hannah, and Andrew. She will have a new baby, Lord willing in December.


Here is Stephanie Young, our oldest daughter. God has given her 6 children with twins on the way. Philip, Dave, Ronnie, Andrew, Matthew, and Jonathan are the six until we get the twins.


This is Joy, our youngest daughter. She has two children, Benjamin and Lelia.


This is Katie who will give birth, Lord willing in July.


I love all of you very much and feel like the most blessed man on the planet. Thank you dear ladies for being such godly examples.

Here are the original six of us just for the fun of it!