Chris and Andria Gardner are celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary today. God has blessed them with three wonderful children and they are expecting their 4th in December.


They are serving God as church planting missionaries in Arequipa, Peru. They have a great deal of responsibility over them and they have risen to the challenge.

We are very proud of them. Chris is our oldest son. He has been a blessing since he was born and has lived up to the name we chose for him before he was born. We named him Christopher because it mean Christ bearer and that was what we wanted our son to do. God has used him to do just that.


Here is the whole family from a year or so ago. God has blessed them greatly over the last 14 years.


This is the young couple a few years ago. I doubt that they had any idea of all that God had planned to do with, through and in them.

What a good music stand she has!

All the gang way back when.

Chris and Andria, we just wanted you to know that we love you and hope you have a very good day. God bless you. Thanks for all you do!