Today’s reading Leviticus 21-23

Leviticus 21:1 And the LORD said unto Moses, Speak unto the priests the sons of Aaron, and say unto them, There shall none be defiled for the dead among his people:

God here gives instructions via Moses for His people and how they are to deal with death. They were not to mourn like others mourned in the nations around them. They were not to cut themselves or make bald spots on their heads.

We do not sorrow as others that have no hope. We who are born again know that we have life after death and so does our family and friends that are saved. There is life after death! Jesus has overcome the grave!

We have hope. That is why we believe that a person can rest in peace. Not because death is good or rest but because those who die in Christ are not really dead.

All who die are really alive somewhere. They are alive in the presence of the Lord Jesus and God the Father or they are in suffering and death!

It is understandable that death would terrify us. It is understandable that death would cause us to mourn horribly, to cut ourselves, to scream and cry. That would be true for all of us if we did not know that Jesus won the victory over death and the grave. We have hope! We know that He lives so we will live again!