Peyton gave me permission to post this letter. You will want to read it! I hope you are getting involved in giving out the gospel. Just one tract a day every day plus our regular visitation and we will give out over 50,000 this year!


I wanted to share a prayer request. Just so you don’t get cheated from the way the Lord has worked through your 7 Day Challenge in our lives, the request is at the very end of this awesome story. I don’t say it is awesome because I am writing it, but because it has GOD all over it!

Alicia and I were driving home Sunday night and were going to eat at a Japanese place near our house; I pulled into the parking lot and the lights were off and they were definitely closed. I’m not sure what that says about my choices in restaurants, the second choice certainly sums it up. We pull into Waffle House, because I really know how to treat my wife (I’m sure their is another illustration for the 10 week old couple here somewhere), haha. Anyway, we go in and sit down. Our waitress takes our orders and Im now plotting my moves to get this tract into someones hand. I pat my coat pocket and realize the tract is in the car. So, I run out to the car grab a tract and run back in.

Alicia and I are sitting and talking. She is smitten with me, as usual, and I with her. Then, as we were talking, another waiter that wasn’t our designated waiter walks up to us and says something to the effect of, “I just want to say you two just look like a great pair.” We thank him and I tell him how we are a 10 week old couple, and we just got back from a marriage retreat our Church just put on, and are extra sweet and hoping to keep it that way. The man then opens up and says that he used to Pastor a Church in Pennsylvania. His wife decided that she didn’t want to be a Pastor’s wife and they are now separated. He doesn’t believe in divorce, but they aren’t together any longer. We empathize with him, but he then has to run to his table to check on them.

This is the part where I am going to brag on my wife. She looks at me and just says very plainly, “that is why the Japanese place was closed.” I’m still in my Waffle House Box, she realizes that and follows up immediately, “It was closed because of him.”

We had a couple of opportunities to chit-chat with him while we ate, but I could see that GOD was going to stretch me a little and not let me off easy with just leaving the tract laying there hoping someone picked it up. So, I pull out my pen scribble my name and phone number on a blank space on the back. Walk up, pay, and then look to him and say by the way, “My name is Peyton McNully.” He says, “my name is William.” I tell him if he has an opportunity he should come to church with us sometime. I throw out my obligatory disclaimer, in case people aren’t as crazy as Alicia and I driving from Buckhead to Alpharetta for church, saying “Our Church is in Alpharetta, and I would love for you to come with us sometime.” I have no idea where he lives, but he says, “I drive this far to work, I can certainly drive that far to worship.”

Please help Alicia an I by praying for William. We have no idea what his background is outside of “I used to be a Pastor”, but that one tract has placed a huge burden for him on us. We know he works Sunday nights, and Alicia and I have a new official Sunday night date spot after Church.

By the way this was the first tract.

Thanks for the Challenge,