Today we fear persecution. The early church responded very differently. They stated that the cruelties only served as a lure to the sect. Under persecution they filled the cities and country with new believers. God give us the courage to step forward and face what ever the devil may hurl at us with boldness and courage.

“All of your ingenious cruelties can accomplish nothing; they are only a lure to this sect. Our number increases the more you destroy us. The blood of the Christians is their seed.” The moral earnestness of the Christians contrasted powerfully with the prevailing corruption of the age, and while it repelled the frivolous and voluptuous, it could not fail to impress most strongly the deepest and noblest minds. This progress extended to every part of the empire. “We are a people of yesterday,” says Tertullian, “and yet we have filled every place belonging to you cities, islands, castles, towns, assemblies, your very camp, your tribes, companies, palace, senate, forum. We leave you your temples only. You can count your armies our number in a single province will be greater.”

A History of the Baptists
By John T. Christian, A.M. D.D. L.L.D

page 24