Today’s reading Judges 4-6

Judges 6:36 And Gideon said unto God, If thou wilt save Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said,

I know how Gideon felt and feel that way so many times. Even though God has shown Himself and His power so many times we wonder if He will really use us.

Often it isn’t that we doubt that God can but whether or not He would with us. We want confirmation after confirmation. I am sure that, at least with me, it is an issue of pride. I am always concerned that what i do work out. I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to look like a fool.

When i was young I would have large, nearly impossible dreams. They often didn’t come true. I got embarrassed. Maybe it is easier to settle for what we have so that we do not get shamed.

God is going to use Gideon. He has made that clear yet Gideon is having a real problem believing that. Gideon has seen an angel. Gideon has heard his voice but Gideon wants more. Fact is after he gets the fleece proof that will still not be enough.

We have been quick to criticize Him but we often follow in His footsteps. We probably have much the same reasons to do so. We want to succeed and not look foolish. We do not want to step out and declare something that might not be true.

When I was about ready to announce that God had called me to preach I was very afraid. I was afraid that I would fail, that people would laugh. I begged God to give me a sign. I ask for it to rain with the sun shining. Maybe if something like that could happen I would know.

Well it sprinkled with the sun shining a little. I took that as my sign. I knew that it was foolish. No one else would have thought it was doing all that much raining with the sun shining but I wanted confirmation.

I have often lived with doubt, fear, and a great lack of faith. It is not a pleasant way to live. Let’s trust God and step out on faith today!