Today’s reading Numbers 7

Numbers 7:10 And the princes offered for dedicating of the altar in the day that it was anointed, even the princes offered their offering before the altar.

The princes come bringing their offerings for the worship. There are several interesting things that we can notice about their offerings. This entire chapter is about this offering.

First, it is a detailed listed and recorded offering. It tells who gave how much of what! The Lord had Moses record the offerings. They are recorded in great detail.

Second, the offering and giving the offering was given special recognition. Each prince was given his day to give his offering.

Third, The Lord was pleased with the offering and through Moses accepted the offering and mentioned where and for what the offering should have been used.

This might help some of us clear up some thinking we have. It is good to give. God wants His people to be givers. Giving helps you recognize and publicly testify that you realize that what you have came from God and you recognize that.

There is nothing wrong with your offering be recorded or God would not have done it so publicly.

The offering was given for the worship through the channel of the ministry that God had set up! We need to take care of the place and ministry that God has given us today, the local church!

Jesus will later tell people to not know let their right hand know what their left hand is doing but that was not about giving but about trying to get recognition for your prideful purposes.

Let’s honor God by being givers!