Today’s reading Joshua 1-4

Joshua 4:20 And those twelve stones, which they took out of Jordan, did Joshua pitch in Gilgal.

God had the nation of Israel set up several memorials throughout their history. It is good to have something that causes you to remember what God did. So these stones will remind them how God brought them over and cared for them. They will remind them of how they got to the promised land. They will remember the river at flood stage. They will remember the ark. They will remember the fear they felt but then how their faith was strengthened as God brought them over.

But what I really like about this is that they will talk with their children about the memorial. God says that one day their children will ask why those 12 stones are stacked up there and they will have a chance to tell their children about how great their God is and what He has done in their lives.

I consider those memorials as great conversation starters. They give the parents the opportunity to tell the kids about how great God is and what He has done.

So I challenge you to always want to tell His story to your children. Little things around your house could be reminders of how great God has been. The children will ask and you will get the chance to answer.

Do you share your faith with your children? Do you share with them how great God is? Do you tell them how to experience God’s greatness just like you do?

We should put conversation starters around us that will cause people and our children to ask questions. Then we can share our faith!