I have spent the last several days here in Arequipa. Our missionaries are doing a great job. I am grateful to see God at work. There were over 1,000 in the largest night of the Pastor’s School, I believe!

But as I look around I notice that all the missions are either pulling out or not planting churches. They may start a sports ministry or a good works ministry but I do not see them planting churches.

The decline has to start. The churches that are here will hang on. Some will prosper and others will limp along. The guys that I originally started with are over 40 years old now. They are doing a great job but not enough churches are being started.

The country is growing. The city of Arequipa is growing yet the number of churches is not growing at the same rate. Some are starting churches but most are not.

The word on the mission’s street is that South America has been evangelized. I completely disagree. If anything it appears to me that we are giving up ground that we have gained.

When I arrived in Peru there were several missionaries from different mission agencies. They were all starting churches. That doesn’t seem to be what I see on the landscape now.

As I look down the road it appears that less church planters are coming. It seems to me that we used the people group idea as a way to abandon what God was doing and blessing in Peru.

It should never be our goal to get a few churches up to struggling and then leave them. They need help to reach maturity. They need a trained leadership.

Where are the missionaries that will surrender to come to Peru. I thank God for the men of Vision that are here and coming. David Gardner, our son, Miguel Murillo, and now Kyle Shreve on his way here are working hard, but not enough is happening.

We need to get churches going all over the country. There are many cities with 10’s of thousands in population that have very few Bible preaching churches. Many of the ones that are here are struggling.

That is true all over South America and the world. Let’s not abandon one for another. Let’s redouble our efforts and send more missionaries. If I were young right now I would come back to Arequipa. There is so much to do.

Young person considering missions; would you consider the city of Arequipa and Peru? Would you come where you can openly proclaim the gospel and do all in your power to get the gospel out?

Don’t get me wrong. I want you to go to China, India, Indonesia, the Muslim world, Africa, and literally everywhere in the world but don’t leave out South America. Don’t believe the rumor that they have all been reached. It is simply not true!