Church Still Works, An In-Depth Study of the Practices and Potential of Twenty-first Century Local Churches

I just finished this book by Paul Chappell and Clayton Reed. I found the book well worth your time to read it.

I read the book because Trent Cornwell encouraged me to do so. I enjoyed the material they gathered from the survey. I got help from the material presented that I could personally apply to our church, Vision Baptist. I was encouraged to see the spirit the book conveyed. There was a spirit of fellowship and working together that can be unusual in books by independent Baptists.

I love the emphasis on discipleship and church planting. We are definitely in a needy time in our country and the world. Maybe one of the most surprising findings was that the USA is now one of the most populous countries in need of evangelism. “Only China, India, and Indonesia have larger non-churched populations!”

You can get this book here and on the kindle here!