This is Monday morning in Burkina Faso. I didn’t get much written yesterday so here is a small update on Sunday! It is 2:29 AM in the AM for you and 7:29 AM for me. The body still has not totally adjusted.

The weather has been the best ever in all the times that I have come over. It has been cool. Pastor Lawrence thinks I lied to him about how hot it was going to be.

Yesterday we left the house shortly after 7:20 AM and headed to the first church. I preached there through 2 translators. I preach in English, Keith Shumaker in French, and then the pastor in Moore!

After that we traveled to the main church where Pastor Lawrence preached a wonderful service. Last night we both preached to over 100 as several pastors out of this ministry have come in for the pastor’s conference.

We are leaving the house this morning at 8:15 to preach and teach until 1 pm then back this evening for both of us to preach.

Please continue to pray for us here.

I hope you are making plans to go to the marriage retreat. Pastor Lawrence will be our speaker. He is great at marriage retreats. I believe it will be a super blessing to all of you.

Also do not forget to be at the men’s conference from 7 pm till midnight. We are going to have a great time. Pastor Tony Howeth will be with us and some men from his church.

I love getting to spend time with the men of Vision!