If you know me and our ministry at all then you know that we have been pushing world evangelism. The need to get the gospel around the world is over whelming. Recently I was visiting a family in a medical rehab facility. While there I was asked what I was doing about reaching the USA. This person mentioned that every time I saw them I had a young missionary with me that was going to be going over seas. The question was why I didn’t care about my own country.

I do care about this country. I do want to see God doing great things here. I have just been so focused over seas because there are so many focused on the USA. I got home and within the next few days I saw a blog article about the most unchurched cities in the USA.

I took that as an opportunity to begin pushing church planting in the USA. The guys that work with me have been helping and here are a few articles that I would like to invite you to read.

Seeking a Man
Unchurched Cities
Churchless and Dangerous
Providence,Rhode Island
Church Planting in Boston, Massachusetts
Albany: A Nearby Mission Field
Burlington, Vermont
Church Planting in New York City
Manchester, New Hampshire
Why Plant Churches?
Chartering Your Church

I just ate breakfast with a wonderful friend whose heart is breaking for a church here in the area with a need for a man to enter it and help. So much to do and so little time. Will you help me by praying for these many needs?

So it is my heart to see God raise up men that will come and train to plant churches in the USA. We want to help you for 2 years here at Vision. Then help you get the money to go and make a difference. We need to see churches started in this unchurched, de-churched, churchless, cities. God is at work and we know that He will do and has been doing great things. If you are interested please contact me.

This blog and website are going to get much more active now. There is so much to do.