On this day in 1816, George Bowen, missionary to Bombay, was born Middleburn, Vermont.

As a boy, George was raised hearing about the truths of God’s word.  But at the age of seventeen, after reading Gibbon’s book, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, George decided to turn his back on the teachings of his youth.  For the next eleven years, George lived life to the fullest that the world could offer.  But it never satisfied.  When a dear Christian friend died, George realized the follow of living for this world and gave his life to Christ.   He was now a new man.

His father was a man of wealth, but  George determined to sacrifice his home and prospects, and to devote himself and his whole life to the missionary service among the heathen.At the age of thirty, he was sent to work in India.  After his first year there, he wrote to his board, asking that he no longer be given as salary.  He desired to live like the Indians, feeling that this would help him better reach them.  So he took a job as a teach, living in a native bazaars and among the sadly-degraded population.

George would work in India for the next forty years  He died in Bombay, India at the age of  72, still doing the work he loved.  A friend said of George at his death:

This amazingly devoted man had gone to India with high hopes for the ministry of the gospel. And he’d given everything toward that end, his heart, mind, body and spirit.


Obituary of George Bowen in the New York Times

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