The following is taken from the book Preaching and Preachers. I love the book and think you should think about this quote:

That that man in the pulpit is there not because he is abler than others, but because God has given him certain special gifts which He has not given to others. He is there because he has had this ‘call’, which has been confirmed by the Church.

They should not feel that they are in competition with him, and query his right to address them in an authoritative manner because they have as much knowledge as he has, and can read the same books as he does. All that may be quite true, they may well be even abler, and have more knowledge; but still this man has been set apart.

Why? Not because of his natural gifts alone, but specifically because of what God has done to him. That is what gives him this authority that is not given to all; and if a Christian man, however able and learned and knowledgeable he may be, is not ready to sit down and listen to this man whom God has called, and appointed, and sent to perform this task, with joy and with keen anticipation, I take leave to query whether that man is a Christian at all.

It is a matter of spiritual authority, not intellectual or cultural authority; and all should recognize this and therefore be ready to listen to the preacher.

Martyn Lloyd Jones, Preaching and Preachers