An Overview of Recife
Recife (pronounced “resifi”) is the fifth-largest city in Brazil with 4,136,506 residents. The many rivers and small islands have earned Recife the nickname of “The Brazilian Venice.” The city is also one of the most important commerce centers of Brazil with over 85,000 businesses. These two facts alone draw in numerous people to either live, tour, or work in Recife.

Recife is one of Brazil’s prime business centers, largely because it has one International Airport and two International ports (source). The city’s main industries include automotive, electronics, and textiles with an entire industry dedicated to producing information technology that is later exported to countries like Japan and China.

Religion in Recife

Religion in Recife is 92% Christian (68% Roman Catholic/24% Protestant), 5% Atheist/Agnostic, and 2% Spiritist. Most of those claiming Christianity in Brazil are Catholic. Recife’s patroness saint, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, is celebrated on her special day every year in the church dedicated to her.

Would you pray that God would send more laborers to this city and country to lift His name high?
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