The following article was written by veteran missionary Jason Holt:

“They’ve finally accepted our offer!“, was how the text message from the real estate agent read; and as we read it, we knew we had crossed a threshold. We’ve been in negotiations for over a month, praying for the Lord’s guidance in every decision. Now the negotiation phase has come to completion. God has been faithful, and we’re moving into the next phase; the “How in the world is God going to do this?”, faith growing phase. 


So here is how we’ve made it to this exciting point in ministry. About a year ago, after much prayer and seeking advice from others, we knew God was leading us to purchase a piece of property for our growing efforts to train more Chileans for the ministry. In 2008, we started with 3 students in the Chile Training Center. Each year since, that group has grown! Now we have 35 men and women preparing each week for the ministry! The pastor of the first church plant still graciously allows us to use his Sunday school rooms for our growing classes; but this model is not sustainable, and it has hindered our growth in recent years.  


As more churches are planted, more eager disciples are seeking further training for the ministry! It’s clear that we need a larger, more centrally located space to adequately train more young people for the ministry! 


Our first of three payments is due on September 19, 2017. We still need $25,000 to make it possible. Please pray.

For more info or to give, please visit or you can mail a gift to: Vision Baptist Missions – PO Box 442 – Alpharetta, GA 30009